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sorry for being awol for a couple of weeks!

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When did my love life become such a mess

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I love the feeling when you like someone like crazy and they make you so happy by just doing these little things and you just smile all the time like on the streets or in the line at the cafe and it doesn’t even matter because you’re just so happy.

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Mä oon niin huono ihminen, mul on kaks miestä joista molemmat tuntuu olevan vakavissaan ja toinen on tulossa käymään 13.9 ja toinen 4.10. On tää hienoo.

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Mä oon löytäny vakikahvilan nurkan takaa mun asunnosta, vakibaarin samasta korttelista ja paikan jossa polttaa kerrostalon takapihalta. Oon ehkä rakastunu Viroon.

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yeah i remember when i couldn’t even get a guy and now i literally have two  amazing male human creatures who really like me and both of them are fantastic and god fucking dammit 

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The Supernatural fandom has proved my point


korhone i know rightttt se biisi saa mut haluamaan häitä et saisin sen siel soimaan. ja siis nimenomaan niitä omia häitäni. tulis vaan katkeruus jos se sois jonku toisen häissä ;____;

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6. A song that makes you wanna dance:
I always knew by The Vaccines

7. A Song to drive to:
Inhaler by Foals

12. A Song from your preteen years:
Tide is High by Atomic Kitten

25. A Song by an artist no longer living:
Something Stupid by Frank Sinatra

26. A Song that makes you wanna fall in love:
XO by Beyoncé, John Mayer’s cover ;_;

Kiitän suuresti! :*

"You smiled and talked to me of nothing and I felt that for this I had been waiting long."
- Rabindranath Tagore (via pattyowens)
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